Custom made tube audio equipment for guitar and bass since 2006.

Custom made tube audio equipment for guitar and bass since 2006.
All guitar amplifiers and pedals are made to order by Adam Wolfaardt on an individual basis.  

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Adam is based in France. His designs are firmly based on and in alignment with the classic American and British amps that graced the albums that we all grew up listening to. They are not clones but updated versions that make them more user friendly for the modern musician. They are more pedal friendly, easier to play at lower volumes, and master volumes are included on some models.
Cabinets are made from solid pine with finger joints.

All amplifiers are built using genuine “point to point” wiring, with new old stock (NOS) and modern components. (no eyelet or turret boards)  As a professional guitarist, Adam designs guitar amplifiers with a vintage feel, exceptional dynamics and high reliability.

Mini combo and heads are available as 15/20 watts only.
Higher power amps are available in standard and custom format (2×12, 2×10, 1×15 etc….)
Head and combo cabinets are made of solid pine and assembled with finger joints.
All Wolfaardt amps are customizable on request: tolex, grill cloth, piping, knobs and speakers.

The 3 Families of Wolfaardt Amps Products